MMD faction leader Felix Mutati says the marriage between the Patriotic Front and his party is dead.

Speaking when he addressed some party officials in Nchelenge and Kawambwa Districts in Luapula Province, Monday, Mutati said the marriage was no longer bearing fruits.

“In 2016, we entered into a marriage with our friends the PF and it was a sweet marriage. We supported them and they won. This marriage was bearing fruits. The decision to enter into this marriage was decided by you the members at the Convention in Kabwe when we met and you said let’s enter into marriage with our friends the PF. Now if you are to see, would you say the marriage is still strong? We have seen that our relationship with our colleagues no longer bears fruits and so some members are saying let us divorce. We shall go to the Convention in 2020 and listen to you the members what you will decide. For me, I think this marriage is dead,” Mutati, who is a former Finance Minister, said.

He said MMD was strong enough to stand on its own.

“Some people think this party is finished but let them watch the space and see the strength of MMD. We are coming back and we are strong. Those who doubt us should watch this pace,” Mutati said.

Mutati pleaded with party members in the Province to continue supporting the MMD saying it was the only hope for this nation.

Meanwhile, Mutati noted with deep concern the poor road network in the Province.

“I have driven in these roads here in the Province and it is sad that there is less development. The road from Nchelenge to Chiengi and bad. People. We can not continue subjecting our people to such. Luapula is rich in terms of water but there is no activities taking place. There is no fish in the lake. These are issues which leaders should spend time on rather than politicking always. We need to change our mind set. Talk with actions and implementations,” said Mutati.

Meanwhile, Senior Chief Mushota of the Chishinga speaking people of Luapula Province has called on peace and unity in the nation.

He was speaking when Mutati paid a courtesy call on him at his palace, Tuesday.

“As Chiefs, our role is to ensure that there is peace and unity in the nation. Confusion should not be part of our culture as Zambians. We would like you all politicians to come together and work as one,” said senior Chief Mushota.