Submit information you feel is of public interest and needs investigation, whether in government, private companies, non-profit making organisations, etc. Please read the very important guidelines below to reduce the risk of exposure. Your identity will remain anonymous to both ourselves and others because this website runs on an encrypted https connection, which means that nobody can decode the information you submit. Use the form below to send us information or email us at whistleblowers [at] diggers [dot] news (register a dummy/temporal account).

Whistle-blower submission form

Whistle-blowing guidelines
  • Do not reveal your identity.
  • Do not use the Internet connection at your office or the Internet connection from your cellphone, personal dongle or any gadget registered in your name (or for a friend) to send information. Use the connection from an Internet café or a public Wi-Fi network.
  • Use your own laptop/tablet/smart-phone but connect to the Internet at an Internet café or a public Wi-Fi network. If you have to use the computers at the Internet Café, it is advisable to clear your browsing history afterwards just an extra precaution.
  • Do not login to your official or personal email account, social media pages or any other website that requires login.
  • Use various Internet cafés and avoid those with CCTV.
  • If you have to store any whistle-blower information, use Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

Recommended: use TOR browser (highly secure browser). Download at TOR BROWSER DOWNLOAD.


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