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News Diggers! is Zambia’s first multimedia publication focused on investigative journalism. It comprises a team of experienced journalists with a blend of new and dedicated talent eager to shape the art of digital journalism. As a growing democracy, Zambia needs a free and critical press to foster accountability and good governance. News Diggers! will help facilitate this as we have an ear to the ground.


Joseph has over ten years experience in investigative reporting. He studied Newspaper management and Media Leadership at Rhodes University under the Sol Plaatje Institute in South Africa. He also studied Digital Journalism and Investigative Reporting at the International Academy of Journalism in Germany. As Deputy Managing Editor and News Editor at The Post Newspaper, Mwenda led a team of about 30 journalists, bringing investigative reporting skills at the apex of Zambian media. Mwenda helped bring out a number of corruption scandals and suspected electoral malpractices, exposés which later led to the closure of the newspaper weeks before a decisive general election in 2016. He led The Post newsroom until November 2, 2016 when the newspaper was liquidated.

Email: joseph [at] diggers [dot] news

News Editor

Mukosha is an investigative journalist who is deeply passionate about good governance and accountability. She is a graduate of the University of Zambia with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication and trained in Foreign Reporting at the University of Helsinki in Finland. Mukosha has been arrested several times due to her work in exposing corruption but has never been convicted, as she has either been acquitted or her cases failed to take off for lacking merit.

Email: mukosha [at] diggers [dot] news

Deputy News Editor

Stuart is an experienced journalist, with a focus on business news. He studied History at undergraduate level and has a Masters in International Journalism from the University of Central Lancashire in Preston, England. Having worked for the Post Newspapers for over three years, he has amassed experience as a practising journalist.

Email: stuart [at] diggers [dot] news

Senior Reporter

Tenson is a versatile news reporter and brings on board a multiplicity of journalistic skills with a bias towards Photography. He studied Journalism and Public Relations at the Zambia Institute of Mass Communications (ZAMCOM) where he obtained a Diploma. Mkhala has worked in different media organisations including the Zambia Daily Mail, Yastani Radio, New Vision Newspapers and spent three years at The Post Newspaper.

Email: tenson [at] diggers [dot] news


Mirriam is a determined journalist who is enthusiastic about the world of investigative reporting. After graduating from Copperstone University, she was attached to the Times of Zambia Newspaper where she shaped her career and immediately launched her pursuit for human-interest stories. Having Information Communication Technology qualifications enables Mirriam to delve in the News Diggers! business with an experienced hand on how to use technological tools necessary for journalism in the digital world.

Email: mirriam [at] diggers [dot] news


Elias who is our Web content manager and IT technician is a Communication Networks and Commutation Systems engineer whose proficiency is in Cisco software and network installations. Banda was trained at Southern Federal University in Russia and has experience in Information Communication Technology. He has since taken up web content management as an additional responsibility to his daily chores in his current occupation.

Email: elias [at] diggers [dot] news


Sipilisiwe is an experienced journalist with a background in radio news gathering, writing and editing. She has a Diploma in Journalism from Evelyn Hone college of Applied Arts and Commerce. She previously worked for Komboni Radio for four years and had a brief stint at the Zambia Daily Mail soon after graduating from College.

Email: sipilisiwe [at] diggers [dot] news


Zondiwe is a vibrant journalist who has interest in writing political and current affairs on issues which affect every Zambians. She draws inspiration from journalists who stand for what is right and are not afraid to tell and show the truth to the people.

Email: zondiwe [at] diggers [dot] news


Abraham Kalito is a passionate journalist interested in writing business, political, and human interest stories. He has more than 8 years experience, having worked for various media organisations, including radio, television and print.

Email: abraham [at] diggers [dot] news


Julia is a curious journalist who is determined to unearth the truth. She is resourceful and has the ability to always find solutions to difficult situations. She loves to read criminal investigation books and is a lover of Zambian Music.

Email: julia [at] diggers [dot] news


Natasha Sakala draws inspiration from people who stand up for what is right. She is very versatile and likes to bring out issues as they are.

Email: natasha [at] diggers [dot] news


Ulande is a reporter with an experience in radio broadcasting. He loves following current affairs and interacting with politicians.

Email: ulande [at] diggers [dot] news


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