The Road Development Agency (RDA) has terminated the contracts of Communication and Corporate Affairs Director Loyce Saili as well as Director for Legal affairs Mwaka Ngoma.

Saili told News Diggers! in an interview that she was separated from the Agency but refused to give details of the circumstances that led to her termination of contract.

“Yes I am no longer with RDA but it’s not something that I want to talk about. I can just say that I am no longer with RDA, that’s all I can say. I cannot talk about this issue, I don’t want to say more than that.

Other employees at the Agency expressed shock at Saili’s dismissal.

“She received her letter of termination of contract on Monday after she returned from Northern Province where she went for the ground breaking ceremony. That was her last assignment in the field. It’s like she didn’t even know because she even reported for work on Monday only to be given a letter terminating her contract,” said Saili’s former workmate who sought anonymity.

“Normally whenever we have these field trips for groundbreaking, site visits or inspections, she is the one who organises. She has been doing that for so many years. People are very shocked here because no one knows what wrong she has done. We don’t know if something happened wherever she went we don’t know. We just can’t understand because we have known her to be very hardworking.”

Last month, The Mast newspaper reported that Housing and infrastructure development minister Ronald Chitotela had demanded a Toyota VX from the Road Development Agency and his order was met with resistance.

The newspaper reported that the Minister had taken over the decision making responsibility at the Agency and was controlling which contractors got paid first.

But Chitotela rubbished the accusations, saying he knew nothing about the claim.