Alliance for Community Action executive director Laura Miti has implored new Law Association of Zambia president Eddie Mwitwa to emulate his predecessor, Linda Kasonde.

Addressing the LAZ Annual General Meeting on Friday, Kasonde asked lawyers to use their legal tools to help those in need whilst enhancing their legal knowledge, saying Zambians were living in precarious times.

“We hold this conference under the theme ‘Power, Privilege and the Pursuit of Justice: Legal Challenges in Precarious Times’. This is a very relevant theme at a time when many of our country is going through challenging times both economically and politically. Globally, the legal profession consists of some of the most privileged individuals in the world, it is often seen as elitist. This is not surprising considering the odds of becoming a lawyer, particularly in Zambia. It is tempting to forget that we live in one of the poorest countries in the world, where 54 per cent of the Zambian population lives below the poverty line; it is tempting to forget that not everyone has a voice; it is tempting to forget that legal services remain out of the reach of the majority of Zambians. And even if you do not forget, it is tempting not to care,” said Kasonde.

And in an interview, Miti implored Mwitwa to emulate Kasonde’s bravery.

“Well, Linda Kasonde is a very courageous woman. She handled her role perfectly well and always stood her ground, she fought for what was right in her position as LAZ president and never feared anyone in whatever situation. She spoke out against any wrong doer be it an opposition member or one from the ruling party. I don’t want to criticise Mwitwa just now because he hasn’t done anything wrong. He just took over office so I can only wish him the best,” said Miti.

“The office he has occupied is a challenging one but we can only urge him to be strong, he has taken over the presidency at a time when our country is divided, so violent and with absolutely no way for citizens to hold this government to account. This is not the time to retreat in fear, it is time to make it clear to power holders that Zambia belongs to Zambians and we shall be relying on LAZ and its president to speak out for us citizens on our rights.”