Petauke residents were treated to bizarre news over the weekend when District Commissioner Velenasi Banda Moyo was allegedly caught with a boyfriend at Nyika Motel by her husband.

But when contacted yesterday to verify whether or not it was true, Moyo said “I am not commenting anything on those things and I am not interested”.

According to witnesses, Moyo told her husband that she was traveling to Chipata for work last Friday and would only return to Petauke on Sunday, when in fact she had a weekend date at a local motel.

“She had told her husband that she was travelling to Chipata. But she was meeting aanother boyfriend at Nyika Motel. So another person who saw her there is the one who told the husband what was happening. When the husband called her, she said she was on the way from Chipata. But he did not believe, so that he came to Nyika Motel and found them,” the witness narrated.

“The moment he arrived, he found them comming out of the room and he went straight to beat both the DC and the boyfriend. He also broke the phone for the wife. It took other people who were around to stop the fight.”

But when contacted, Moyo said it was just social media gossip.

“I am not interest in those things. I don’t know, how do you verify things that are on social media? I am not commenting anything. The stories are fake, I am not commenting anything,” said Moyo before this reporter could even finish asking the question regarding what happened at Nyika Motel.