Chief Imenda of the Mbowa speaking people of Lukulu district in Western Province says people in the area want change of government.

And Chief Imenda says opposition leaders must be allowed to sell themselves to the people by holding meetings without restrictions.

The Chief said this when Democratic Party 2021 presidential candidate Harry Kalaba paid courtesy call on him at his palace on Sunday.

“People are saying we need change because, especially Western Province Lukulu in particular, the people of Lukulu are crying for the road. Every president who comes to power talked about Lukulu – Katunda road but nothing has been done and the people are complaining. As they complain, they come to us as parents. Me, I do not move but people who do move complain that they want change. It’s the people who complain that they want change not me. It’s not me. I should not be misquoted, it is not me who is saying but the people are saying we want change because we do not see development,” Chief Imenda said.

“We appreciate we have seen hydro here yes. We have seen Lukulu Health District and for sure we appreciate. PF has done almost as they promised. Hydro we have seen it. Health district we have seen it but, many people say the road was supposed to be first before the hydro because everything you need comes through the roads. Food, money, groceries. People are saying yes, we have electricity but how many people have lights? It’s only in the Boma. So people have said.”

He said the people of Lukulu were revolutionary and did not tolerate rubbish.

“Lukulu is a land of plenty Lukulu is peaceful district and the people of Lukulu are the people who know revolution. Here they beat even the police officers. At some time, a politician was attacked. People of Lukulu do not tolerate rubbish. I would like to say, I welcome you and
I would like to hear from what you have brought for us and for your own information, you are the first senior politician to visit this palace. I am really humbled because most people shun us forgetting that we are the people who hold the people. We are the king makers. You can go to the senior chief, but you will find that we, the junior chiefs, we have access to the majority. We have access to the masses. You will just go there talk to the senior chiefs but, we are the
people who make what Mr [Edgar] Lungu is today, His Excellency Mr Lungu. He has done a lot,” Chief Imenda said.

And Chief Imenda said opposition leaders must be allowed to sell themselves to the people by holding meetings without restrictions.

“Zambia being a democratic country, things should be allowed to exist. So it should not be if one talks to an opposition leader, [he] is an enemy of the state. Look, if that is what they made that anyone talking to the opposition leader is an enemy of the state, then let us change the constitution to go back to one party state because during the one party state, yes it was an offence for anyone to align with leaders of the political parties but today, we fought that. We kicked out UNIP regime that we get to plural politics. I was one of the people who
joined in the MMD and I am a former district secretary in the MMD. What we fought for was a plural politics not one party state whereby, one person dictates what people should do, no. Every leader who comes into power was once in the opposition. Is it not true? Nobody came
from heaven to become a president without being in the opposition. So the opposition leaders should not be tortured. So I am sorry, I might be misquoted but me as I talk to you, I am behind the government of the day,” said Chief Imenda.

And Kalaba thanked the Chief for welcoming and accepting him in his area.

“Your Royal Highness, I am very humbled, I am very humbled your Royal Highness. First of all, that you have given us time to come here but also, your Royal Highness, I am also shocked that the chief had blessed me and my delegation by submitting to the Lord. May God bless you. I
traveled on the Lukulu – katuda the famous road and I agree with the area MP Hon Mutelo who has been talking about it every time in Parliament. He has been singing that song of the Lukulu – Katuda – Wantopa road. It is true the road is very bad. It is 190 Kilometer from the junction up to here but it took us 6 hours and it is unacceptable because that road is an economic road. That road is the one which even link Western to North- Western Province. The road is the one that brings food from Lusaka to here and yet the road has remained so pathetic. Your Royal Highness, once voted in as the President, I shall work on this road,” said Kalaba.