The Road Transport and Safety Agency says the driver of the Mitsubishi Rosa bus was hit by RTSA chief executive officer Zindaba Soko because he failed to keep to his near side, contrary to the police report that revealed that it was Soko who was driving off his lane.

And RTSA says investigations into the accident show that the crash could have been severe had Soko been moving at excessive speed.

According to a statement issued by the Police last week, Soko who was charged with careless driving, caused an accident in Kafue after he failed to keep to his lane and in the process hit into an oncoming Rosa minibus.

“Police in Kafue recorded a Road Traffic Accident, May 8,2019 opposite Lake Petroleum filling station along Kafue-Lusaka road. Involved was Mr Zindaba Soko who was driving a Ford Ranger from South to North and Mr Bwalya Moto who was driving a Mitsubishi Rosa Public Service Vehicle. Nine passengers were slightly injured. The accident happened when the driver of the Ford Ranger failed to keep to his near side hence hit into the bus which was coming from the opposite direction,” police deputy spokesperson Rae Hamoonga had stated.

But in a statement issued by RTSA Head of Public Relations Fredrick Mubanga, Friday, the agency stated that according to the expert opinion of accident investigators, the position of the impact of the two vehicles was at the centre line of clearly marked road stretch.

“The driver of the Mitsubishi Rosa Minibus was hit at the rear right side wheel after he failed to keep to his near side and after the impact, the propeller shaft of minibus dislocated, hit on the tarmac and pushed up the vehicle causing it to flip on its side,” stated Mubanga.

“Looking at the extent of damages on the vehicles, it can be concluded that the vehicles were being driven within a recommended speed limit based on the principle of ‘the higher the speed, the severe is the damage’.”

Meanwhile, Soko described his accident as unfortunate and regrettable but added that he was grateful that it was not severe and that no life was lost.

“It was unfortunate and regrettable that it was I involved in an accident in the process of my line of my duty to protect and save lives on Zambian roads, I am thankful and grateful that the accident was not severe and that no life was lost. As a victim of an accident and being a CEO of the leading road safety agency, I would like to encourage all road users to be extremely careful on the roads because accidents still happen even when we are trying our best to eliminate them” Mubanga quoted Soko as saying.