POLICE spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo says the service has launched investigations into the aggravated robbery and assault of Charmaine Musonda and three others at her residence in Lusaka.

In a statement, Monday, Katongo stated that a wrist watch and a cell phone valued at K56,750 were stolen by the thugs, who were armed with machetes and sticks, and besieged the Chilanga UPND aspiring candidate’s residence.

“Police in Lusaka received a report of aggravated robbery and assault in which four people were attacked and it is further alleged that property worth K56,000 was stolen from them by thugs who were armed with machetes and sticks. The victims have been identified as Charmaine Mehl Musonda, aged 41, of Lusaka West; Judah Sikambikambi, aged 51, of Mukwashi, Lusaka West; Geshom Masaka, aged 47, of Kashima, Lusaka West, and Clerk Nchemba, aged 35, of Kalundu compound in Lusaka West. All victims sustained injuries,” stated Katongo.

“Among the items alleged to have been stolen are a wrist watch valued at K45,000.00, a cell phone Samsung A11 valued at K6,500, all valued at K56,750.”

She added that the incident happened on November 15, 2020, around 13:00 hours at Musonda’s residence in Kalundu.

Katongo further noted that investigations had been instituted in the matter and has warned all those involved in all forms of lawlessness that they shall be dealt with in accordance with the law.