PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri says Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu’s differences with the ruling party stem from a feud which he had with its founder Michael Sata.

In an interview, Phiri said Archbishop Mpundu’s feud with Sata was about some of the children which the clergyman’s sisters had with the latter.

Phiri asked Archbishop Mpundu not to transfer that bad blood to President Edgar Lungu because he was innocent.

“What people should know, and us as PF, we know he has never supported the Patriotic Front because of his personal difference he had with our founding father. People are aware that because of those of children, which his sisters had with the late president, is the confrontation which has been there all along. But he is our Bishop, he should find it in his heart to forgive president Sata since he is dead and he can’t speak for himself anymore. We are aware that the scar, which Dr (Christine) Kaseba has on her mouth, it was the Bishop’s sister, who bit her when they were fighting and quote me exactly as I am saying,” Phiri narrated.

“The sister followed Dr Kaseba to her house and they had a fight and she bit her on her mouth. That scar is there up to today for everybody to see. It is not President Lungu who fathered those children. Me, as his follower, I am pleading that, let him forgive Mr Sata if he was wrong to him because he is dead, he can’t speak for himself. The Bishop should not let us start talking now over the things that have passed. Those two children have grown; they are his nephews, they are his nieces. Me, I am insisting let him forgive; if ba Sata really wronged him. This is a party, which he formed and us, we are just followers, we are not part of what happened in their private life. Let him not force us to speak. We can speak also.”

And Phiri expressed shock that News Diggers did not publish a story where some Catholic bishops distanced themselves from Archbishop Mpundu’s statements.

“I am so shocked that you didn’t make headlines when the bishops distanced themselves from the earlier statement Archbishop Mpundu made. When he is attacking government, you make screaming headlines, but when the bishops distance themselves from his statement, I haven’t seen anything. I hope that you will carry this story, that is my concern. As a media house, be fair in your coverage. The Pope’s representative to Zambia last weekend [gave a statement] where he regretted the utterances of our retired Bishop. You have not taken that story; do you know that has exposed you as to who you support. As a media house, be balanced with your stories,” said Phiri.