The Lamba-Lima Royal Establishment has written President Edgar Lungu expressing concern over government’s failure to fulfil PF campaign promises.

In a letter dated April 2, 2019 addressed to the Head of State, the Lamba-Lima Royal Council is complaining that the youths in rural lamba land have not benefited from any of the campaign promises.

“The Executive Committee, Your Excellency requests for the National budget to be tabled to consider the allocation of funds for printing of the lamba language educational instructions. The Executive Committee analytically finds it to be an equitable and procedural distribution of the youth empowerment benefits including the poor struggling rural youths of the Copperbelt to benefit from the national wealth of Zambia in equal proportions to their abject poverty needs from the black mountain,” council executive chairperson Josephat Nsundwe stated.

He demanded that the government should also fulfil the promises of building Chiefs palace’s.

“Appeal to the Central government to consider the possibility of constructing the Royal Highness’ palaces of the Copperbelt. Chiefdom’s where government has stalled the construction of palaces or not yet started must be given completion time limit in accordance with the planned schedule as promised.”

He stated that the Lamba-Lima traditional systems were not benefiting from the mining activities taking place on the Copperbelt.

“The inclusion of the Lamba land traditional systems in the Copperbelt mining rights and loyalties, as similarly applicable to traditional systems of Muchinga, Southern and Lusaka provinces, has not benefited the locals,” stated Nsundwe.