UPND chairperson for agriculture Levy Ngoma has urged President Edgar Lungu to emulate UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema in fulfilling promises to the people.

And Ngoma says the arrest of former Minister of Community Development Emmerine Kabanshi is a misapplication of justice.

Speaking in Yesaya village after a successful borehole rehabilitation, Friday, Ngoma said the exercise was a fulfillment of Hichilema’s promise during the Chindwale by-election in which UPND candidate Jennifer Phiri lost.

“Its my appeal that the Patriotic Front should also learn to keep their words and also emulate people like Hakainde Hichilema. President Edgar Lungu should learn to keep his words. If he promised people lower taxes, why should we have high taxes? If they promised people more jobs they should give them more jobs,” Ngoma said.

Ngoma said the Patriotic Front leadership was composed of total failures.

“The Patriotic Front is a miss, a total failure in as far as genuine, credible leadership is concerned as poverty is visibly written on people’s faces. Come 2021, we will fix them as we are there as UPND to provide salvation to the impoverished people. Look at the bad status of the roads in communities and that will really affect farmers in transporting their crops to the market. We have seen also a huge sage of briefcase buyers who abuse farmers by offering low prices on their crops just because the government is totally quiet,” he said.

Ngoma said the rehabilitation of boreholes should assure the Zambian people that the UPND will fulfill all its promises.

And when asked to comment on Kabanshi’s arrest, Ngoma said it was a misapplication of justice.

“What President Edgar Lungu is doing against Emmerine Kabanshi is not fair, that is selective application of justice which is not good. We were told money was not lost as it was in Zanaco account. Donors and everyone involved was told so but why arresting Kabanshi today? I don’t think Kabanshi is a witch to be hunted. In the same vein, Honorable Ronald Chitotela is still in court but still serving in Edgar’s government and Lungu is there to say he is not ready to lose Chitotela the way he lost Chishimba Kambwili, what is that now?” he asked.

“PF is a failed project and all these things under HH leadership will be fixed. We will fix them, the real culprits will be exposed, the full arm of the law will take care of them.”

Meanwhile, headman Yesaya Nelson Zulu thanked HH for the gesture and promised to support him.

“Thank you very much Hakainde Hichilema for the water as my people used to travel long distance to draw water, they could leave home around 06:00 and come back 08-09:00 hours but now we have water close we say thank you and we are behind you as we will never leave you alone,” said Zulu.

And headwoman Msanjama Phiri assured HH not to give up the race as things would be okay in 2021.

“Thank you for your good heart, don’t give up HH, 2021 it’s okay, we will know what to do to support you because we want to change government,” said Phiri.

Meanwhile provincial vice chairperson Mike Tembo said the rehabilitation of water points cost about K40,000 and promised to carryout similar projects in other communities.