FORMER Chilanga constituency UPND aspiring candidate Charmaine Musonda says she is now back in UPND after successfully rejoining the party.

But some senior party officials say they are not aware of that, unless if she joined through the structures.

In September this year, angry UPND supporters evicted Musonda from the party national secretariat when she attempted to rejoin UPND.

Musonda, who was Chilanga constituency UPND aspiring candidate in 2018, joined PF when she was not adopted to contest in the August 12, 2021 general elections.

When asked if she had finally managed to rejoin the party in an interview, Musonda responded in the affirmative.

“I rejoined the party, I’m [now] back with the UPND,” said Musonda.

But in separate interviews, Monday, senior UPND officials expressed ignorance on the same.

UPND deputy secretary general Gertrude Imenda said she unaware, unless Musonda joined through the grassroots.

“As number three or number four in the party, I am not aware of anything. Because when she wanted to join [the party] people protested. So I don’t know who would have sneaked her through the back, that one I’m not aware of. As deputy secretary general in charge of administrations, I’m not aware of her having successfully joined the party, I don’t think so. Let me try to find out from the secretary general. Maybe she joined from the grassroots,” said Imenda.

“If she has joined through the structures like maybe through the constituency, the district, then I wouldn’t be aware. But the way she wanted to come through the national secretariat and she was rejected, from the secretariat I’m not aware. If she said she joined, maybe she went through the constituency.”

And UPND deputy secretary general Patrick Mucheleka equally said he was not aware.

“I’m not aware about that, so I can’t comment. I’m not aware,” said Mucheleka.