TRANSPORT and Logistics Minister Frank Tayali says RTSA will embark on a road safety sensitisation programme to ensure strict observance of traffic rules as people travel for the Nc’wala traditional ceremony which slated for this Saturday.

In an interview, Wednesday, Tayali said some of the officers had already been deployed to ensure that as people celebrate, they do so responsibly.

“Obviously, what we need to do is that we need to mobilise the Road Transport and Safety Agency that alongside the massive traditional ceremony of the Ngoni people of Eastern Province, we need to equally put up a road safety sensitisation programme with RTSA. From being able to monitor or rather enforce strict observance to traffic rules and regulations along Great East Road. So we shall be moving in, I think any time, I think some of the officers are already being deployed starting from today (Wednesday) to go and set up and remind people that as they celebrate, we humbly besiege them to do so responsibly,” said Tayali.

“Obviously the key message there will be that if you drive don’t drink. So I am hoping to be there myself to enforce the team from RTSA so that road safety can be given the significance or importance that it deserves. So I am hoping to join RTSA in that road safety sensitisation programme.”