A few days ago I came across the news story of a young lady called Misozi been appointed as MD of Zoona. A few Google search’s later, I was even more intrigued by her story and decided I had to meet her and get to know a bit more about her. Sharing stories that inspire is a passion and her story is one that needs to be heard, I hope you will be as inspired as well.

Misozi’s father passed away when she was 8, so her family fully depended on her mother as breadwinner. Unfortunately her mothers’ eyes gave up and she had to stop her tailoring business. Her older brother had to take on the responsibility of putting himself and 4 siblings through school.

After passing high school, she got a place at Evelyn Hone College. Unfortunately after one semester, her brother informed her that he couldn’t continue with school fees and she would have to look for a job so that he could assist her other siblings. After a job search she interviewed for a job at Zoona and was hired in sales and later promoted to Admin. She shares that she was happy to have a job but was distracted and generally not performing too well, so when her contract came to an end she decided to try being an agent.

Her initial experience as an agent was not the most attractive. Coming from an air-conditioned office to a wooden kantemba on Cairo road. She would feel embarrassed and hide when anyone she knew walked past. But in the first month she made 3 times her salary in profits, which gave her the boost of confidence she needed to take her business seriously. In her 2nd month she could afford to start school again at NIPA, doing evening classes and working from her booth during the day. She began to expand her business and by the end of 2016 at the age of 26 she had 27 outlets and 43 tellers (employees). At some point in her business, Zoona invested some capital which she fully invested back into her business. It is no surprise that Zoona approached her to lead their company in Zambia.

One thing that strikes me about Misozi is her work ethic; she stayed consistent and committed to growth. She didn’t sit back when she began to make money with just one outlet, instead she continued to grow herself academically, she reinvested in her business and expanded. But most importantly she invested in people, over 30 young women were employed by her and I got really excited hearing how some of their lives where changed through her mentorship. (Yes I’m going to search for at least 2 of these young women and share their story).

Huge congratulations Misozi. At 27 you are a managing director of Zoona, a shining example that when you work hard you really do reap rewards.

PS: Thanks for the tea
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