The probability of a sports team winning a league title for three consecutive years and without a game loss is one that has been lived by a few sportsmen and women mainly in Boxing and track events in athletics.

The norm has however been defied and changed by Green Buffaloes Judo club.Three seasons of unbeaten judo record in their national league and winning by more than 20 points is a milestone the army side will live to relish for years.

In an interview with Goal Diggers! Coach of the side Mwitumwa Ndungu said the record attained was one that he would be boasting about his whole life, a statement that befitted him well since his judokas had made a mark by strangling and grounding opponents in stealth ways that maintained their winning status.

“I sometimes assign a team member to be in charge of the training sessions because I know their dedication and respect towards each other,” commended Ndungu.

“We are one big and focused family that has nearly the same passion for the sport. Look, this is my fourth season at Green Buffaloes and I do not regret a second spent here,” charged Ndungu.

The Green Buffaloes Judo club is on top of the table this season too. They play a total number of 18 games or competitions each season and with only seven games played, they already have 57 points to themselves while the second placed Zambia National Service team has 17.

Coach Ndungu explained the amount of hard work and time invested to attain such glory.

“It is not easy because I have three training sessions a day so that each age group trains on its own,” he said.

The soft spoken coach further said the boys and girls in the team were self motivated and naturally competitive. He also mentioned how they worked extra hard based on their club name.

“That they are a team under Zambia army or Green Buffaloes is reason enough for them to always want to be number one,” said Ndungu.

Meanwhile, captain of the side David Chisenga said most of his teammates were still hungry for total dominance.

“I personally want to reach an international performance level and make mother Zambia proud,” said Chisenga.