Eastern Province MMD youth vice publicity secretary Davison Tembo has called on Zambians to analyse leaders wisely and make the right choice at the next general elections.

In an interview, Tembo observed that the nation was poorly governed because only a few privileged Zambians were benefiting at the expense of ordinary majority Zambians.

“Things are not okay and this is the reason why we always say people should not be carried away by handouts given during campaigns, but they have to make informed decisions and credible choices over leadership to avoid messing up the nation,” Tembo advised.

He emphasised that it was not difficult to identify true people with genuine leadership skills from fake leaders.

“Always, I say tiyeni tiziona kuti kodi munthu amene tilusankha alibwanji. Bvuto niyakuti anthu aona monga munthu yemwe alikupeleka zinthu monga zitenje,ndalama ndiye msogoleri weni weni (I always advise people to make informed choices when choosing leaders, but the problem is that voters think whoever gives them materials like chitenge) they forget that you can’t eat chitenge. People need sustainable programmes, not handouts” he said.

Tembo cited the failed electronic voucher system as an illustration of the PF government’s incompetence.

And he also expressed sadness on the Police Service Commission’s decision to fire the four Sesheke police officers last week, warning that their potential replacements may not be as professional as their predecessors.

“That is too bad! The PF government is not aware that a cadre can disappoint them, but not a civil servant. If there is support they can count on, it’s from civil servants. But if they now mistreat them, then who will stand by their side? Those cadres they defend, tomorrow they will run away from them. Now a cadre has no permanent family, but those civil servants are trained, trusted and are kept to defend the nation,” observed Tembo, who added that once the MMD formed government again, it would embrace all civil servants regardless of ethnicity.