Renowned PF cadre Julius Komaki says he has notified the police to undertake a petition against party Secretary General Davies Mwila who has “outlived his stay in office”.

And Komaki says even if Mwila ignored the given 48-hour ultimatum to vacate office by running to South Africa, the case still stands.

He said once police acknowledges receipt of the notification, he will go ahead to deliver a petition to the party secretariat.

“We started with the ultimatum and now that the ultimatum is over, we have notified the police that we are taking a petition to the party secretariat. So within 14 days, we need to take the petition to the party secretariat because Davies Mwila knows that there is a pending issue here [but] after the ultimatum, he has run out of the country and he is in South Africa. He has run away from the ultimatum but the case still stands and is still fresh. And we are waiting,” Komaki said.

 Komaki charged that Mwila had failed to mobilize supporters to demonstrate against people who were insulting the President.

“Why we are saying like this [is because] the President of the Republic of Zambia has been attacked by this so-called opposition, the UPND, the likes of Chishimba Kambwili and the likes of these others like KBF and others. We have never seen the secretary general mobilizing people to demonstrate against those that are insulting. So it’s like when we mean to say that the party is divided, this is what is happening. for us who mean well, who want to protect the President, we are the ones they now say ‘we are nonentities and not a factor.’ Now if I may ask this simple question, if I am not a factor, why are they rising all those people [to stand against me]?” Komaki asked. 

He said some officials who were offering solidarity to the secretary general were paid to do so and had confessed to him.

“Now since those people who were risen and organized, some of them were my youths and were paid and they told me how much they paid them. and they didn’t know exactly why they were protesting but now that they have learnt, I am telling them now to say since they were questioning me to say ‘where are your people who are backing you up?’ and ‘where is your following?’ I am telling them that let them wait and see the day we will be taking the petition, when the people of Edgar Chagwa Lungu will rise and take the petition to the party secretariat. That’s when they are going to see the following that we have because then they only concentrated on the Kanyama constituency, but what of these other constituencies and other districts across the country or within this province? And because these things we are doing are not for Komaki, we are talking about the party belonging to each and every one of us who are true PF members who have really suffered for this country,” he said.

But when asked whom he was going to present the petition to since it was going to be against the secretary general himself, Komaki said he would address his petition to the national chairman.

“No, there we will look as if we are not thinking. We cannot petition the letter to Mr Mwila. Mr Mwila is not a boss there at the secretariat. We have the national chairperson and we will take it to the national chairperson who will take it to the president of the party. The party hierarchy the way it is the party president, the vice president of the party then the national chairperson of the party and then the secretary general. In the hierarchy the chairperson is third, the SG is fourth. The secretary general was not elected, he was just appointed but these other positions are elective,” said Komaki. 

“We have notified the police already and we are just waiting. If they tell us to say tomorrow they will have enough security to protect us, the we will move in and when the police fails to offer security, we have our own security, we will do like what our friends did when they were demonstrating. But for us we want to do it in accordance with the law. We don’t want to be like we are not law abiding citizens no. We need to make a difference. So we are in the ruling party and we need to lead by good example.”