National Guidance and Religious Affairs minister Reverend Godfridah Sumaili says it is difficult for her to confirm or deny claims by South Africa-based Nigerian prophet Andrew Ejimandu popularly know as Seer 1 that some members of the Patriotic Front party and government had obtained some “powers” from him because such are personal matters “usually done in privacy”.

And Rev Sumaili says the government will take action on the utterances made by Seer 1.

In a video recording that has gone viral on social media, Seer 1 is seen making threats against unnamed ministers in the PF government, some members of parliament and mayors whom he says had sought assistance of his “powers” to win elections.

He told them to return the power in 20 days or face death.

“MPs, mayors, when I was there, there were even deputy MPs. All of you that are in PF that collected power from me, return it within 20 days. The last time I gave prophesy, they started writing to my inbox [that] ‘Seer 1 please.’ I don’t want inbox apology. The same thing they collected from me to win elections is the same thing they are using to oppress innocent people [and] stealing from innocent people. Whether you still give me tithe or you don’t give me tithe, as long as I gave you something, do as I say. Or whatever I gave you in secret [and] you are in PF government, return it,” threatened Seer 1. “I am saying this [and] many people will think that it’s a joke [and are wondering to say] ‘Seer 1 why are you doing this? Why can’t you keep secrets?’ I can’t keep secrets when people are dying, I can’t keep secrets when you are arresting innocent men and women of God. [In] 20 days, next Sunday, if you don’t call me and make a plan to come to South Africa and return my stuff as I say, I will mention your name. The other Sunday, if you don’t bring it, you will die. Mark my words, I swear. There is no phone call apology, I don’t want it. Return what you took. I have said it again today [that] because of how PF has become arrogant, how can you harass a man of God that is preaching? Where is the respect for Jesus? In those days in the Bible, before you touch a man of God, you think twice. I don’t blame you PF government. I blame those men of God that come to you, you are mad. They don’t respect you. After arresting Bishop Kazhila, they will arrest you.”

Seer 1 was later interviewed by Diamond TV where he repeated the claims and death threats.

The prophet, who was deported from Zambia on April 13, 2017 on grounds that he was a threat to national security, said the ruling party had caused suffering in Zambia and has since given some PF leaders and members of parliament an ultimatum in which to surrender power or die.

When asked during a press briefing in Lusaka, Tuesday, to either confirm or deny Seer 1’s claims, Rev Sumaili said there were so many things done in private which she could not know about.

“First, I can’t confirm that he didn’t give something to somebody; these are personal transactions; they are usually done in privacy. So I can’t confirm but I just want to say something that he has acknowledged that the powers that he uses are powers from the darkness. We know that we have our heavenly Father and we know that the father in the darkness is Satan. So I can’t confirm that; there are so many things that are done in privacy, I can’t confirm. But I will take his utterances with a pinch of salt because he is seeking from the dark world,” Rev Sumaili said.

She said Seer 1’s utterances were “very, very serious” and the government would act on them.

“I can’t go into details now of what we are going to do but we have taken his utterances very, very seriously and he said serious things in that video. Obviously, we have to work as government; we have to work as Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs; we have to work with the Ministry of Home Affairs; we have to work with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to ensure that something is done because he cannot not just stand there and start demeaning our governance and even accusing people of having taken his things. We wait and see; we shall work together as government and do something,” Rev Sumaili said.

“Let me take this opportunity to condemn the wicked and satanic utterances from this man. He claims to have power he gives to people because all power comes from God. I challenge Seer 1 to say that no one shall die! He uttered something in his video but I stand as a servant of God who stands in the presence of God and say no one shall die. I want to stand in that authority to cancel every negative word that he uttered in judgment against the people of Zambia; we cancel it by the blood of Jesus.”

And in an interview earlier, the Reverend accused Seer 1 of being a witch who got his power from Satan.

She said all the accusations being made about the PF government were “lies”.

“Naimwe niva boza, niva boza (those are all lies). You want to believe what he is saying? He is insulting the clergy; he is insulting the government. If he says so, who am I to say what? All I know is that he is a liar…Let him come out… he is a liar! Somebody who is influenced by powers of darkness; where have you ever seen a man of God giving power? Is that normal? It is not,” Rev Sumaili said.

“A real man of God cannot give power because all power belongs to God. So if anyone claims I gave power [to them], he is a witch…He is using powers of darkness; you see what I mean? All power belongs to God. He is not a man of God, he is a witch…he gets those powers from the powers of darkness. And we cannot not even respect him because if you are getting power from the powers of darkness, you are also a liar! His father is a father of lies, that is Satan; that is what we call him. I am upset, sorry; he is just confusing the people of Zambia. I hope that we can also see that this is very wrong.”

She warned Zambians to be wary of false prophets who might have demonic powers.

“Remember Zambians who you are, your identity; you are a christian nation. We are Christians and therefore, we believe in Jesus Christ; we believe in the word of God, the Bible. Anybody who is masquerading to be doing spiritual gymnastics should not be allowed to operate in our country. And I want to warn the people out there; don’t do ichimpwena; ichimpwena means when they hear there is a prophet here, they run there, ‘no there is a prophet there’. Please sit in your churches and listen to the true word of God,” Rev Sumaili warned.

She said the government will not hesitate to deport any fake prophet who will not comply with the standards of Christianity.

“We deport them (fake prophets); that man (Seer 1) was deported. He was the first one to be deported and we have deported many more, especially those who are not Zambians. But if they are Zambians, we sit them down, we stop them from doing the work [they are doing] until they clean up. And we have a self-regulatory framework which the church has [put in place] which all clergymen are expected to obey and follow… So, there is a standard we have which they have to follow,” said Rev Sumaili.