ASPIRING 2021 PF presidential candidate Kelvin Bwalya Fube (KBF) says Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo must be fire State Prosecutor Nsama Nsama and Joseph Kaunda’s blood is on his hands.

And KBF says he wonders why President Edgar Lungu wants another term of office when it is illegal and there’s nothing new he can bring to the table.

Speaking when he featured on Hot FM’s Hot Seat Program, Thursday, KBF said Kampyongo was an irresponsible minister.

“I want to pay my condolences to the two families of the deceased. I did know Nsama personally, he was a very nice professional man. He was also a client at the office. It was quite annoying and touching that he had to find himself in that scenario. My reaction to the whole killing is that it is a very sad day in Zambia that we see brutality on citizens at that level, innocent citizens for no reason at all being killed other than the fact that they were sitting somewhere or they found themselves at a political event. I want to say that the killings are unnecessary in a political dispensation which is claiming to be democratic. I also want to say that the killings themselves were very unfortunate because they don’t shed light as to what was the reason for the killing,” KBF said.

“So I want to condemn the killings and I also don’t believe that the police don’t know who did this. I think you know that the Home Affairs Minister was on TV and radio a day before and he did say there were going to sort out whoever was going to be around the area and whoever seemed, according to his assessment, was going to start interfering in what they wanted to do. For me, the buck stops at government and honorable Stephen Kampyongo must take this responsibility. This blood is on his hands, it is not any other person’s hands. And for me the minister must not be in his position, he must be fired.”

KBF said President Edgar Lungu should not pretend that he was unaware of what was happening while he was on holiday because it was planned.

“There should have been no killings, that is the first thing we must understand. The President himself was aware of what they had planned before they left for his holiday wherever he went. This was a thing that was discussed between him and his home affairs minister. They knew what they wanted to do. Nothing in politics happens unless it is planned. I have been in politics for a long time, I know. The government planned that they didn’t want any interference when they summoned HH to the police but they knew that that interference would be there because in political spheres, that always happens. So their view was that whatever happens we shall deal with whoever is going to come to the aid of HH. So the President must not pretend that he didn’t know what was happening, the President knew,” KBF said.

“They anticipated this. The entire preparation, if you saw how the police came, and how they arrived and started shooting, they were already in combat mode. Those were not police who were going to go there and start talking to rioters to try and start negotiating and push them back, they were already in a riotous mood. This is wrong. The President knew, they anticipated this and their action was pre-planned. But as to the killings, it is unfortunate that it went beyond. They did not expect the killings perhaps, I am not sure about the orders they were given but for me, when a Minister of Home Affairs says ‘we shall sort you out’, and that sort out ends up in death, what do you want me to do? I am a lawyer. This is evidence. The trail shows that this guy wanted this to happen. He gave those orders. He should not be Home Affairs Minister.”

He observed that too many people had died under Kampyongo’s charge.

“Every ministry has a chain of command. Why was Stephen Kampyongo on TV addressing the nation before this event? Because he was the minister in charge. He must take responsibility. How many times have you had political differences between the opposition and the ruling party and someone has to be killed? Whether it is Western Province, Southern Province wherever the two clash under Kampyongo’s watch someone must die. For what? No this is irresponsible,” he said.

“The minister has been irresponsible throughout his term. How many people have died under Kampyongo’s watch? He doesn’t know what he is doing. When you give him too much force to use, he thinks the only way to resolve issues is to be brutal. Times have changed. In a democratic dispensation, you expect a minister to think how am I going to handle this situation if this happens? Fire him, get someone who can think. Why are you reshuffling these people? The police took instructions from the minister. Why are you firing [Bonny] Kapeso? What has he done? Even if you fire him, to what effect? How does that change what has happened? Let Kampyongo know that we are not happy with his administration.”

And KBF insisted that President Lungu was ineligible to stand in 2021.

“I am a lawyer, President Edgar Lungu is a lawyer. We both have sworn to uphold the Constitution of this country as by law established and defend it. There is also the party constitution which has the same mantle to defend it against illegalities. I will not be part of an illegality. I am eligible to stand in 2021. Is President Lungu eligible? No. I will not be part of that illegality. It doesn’t matter how much we beat the drums and dance, no the law is very clear he has held that office twice. Why does he want to be there? Let me ask the PF and the Zambians at large what is it that President Lungu wants to do that he hasn’t done? Why does he want an extra third term? Does he think he is the only capable person moving this nation and making progress? I don’t think so. Even ba [Kenneth] Kaunda thought that,” said KBF.

“What is it that President Lungu wants to remain in office to do? Why does he want this extension? This question is very important and I want every Zambian to ask himself before he goes to vote. He had his time. He has had 7, 8 [years] in that office. Finshi balwefaya ukucita ba Lungu efyo ifwe teti tuchite? (what does he want to do that we can’t do?) Can the President convince the Zambians why he wants to remain in office. I am not convinced, first of all, it is illegal, second of all, I have seen no agenda that he wants to finish that we can’t finish. We can finish with his support. He should stand on the sidelines and start supporting us, help us, give us his experience but he shouldn’t be there. People have been saying I want to challenge President Lungu, I don’t want to challenge him in my humble view, President Lungu must not be there. Why should he be there? He has made the money, he has served twice, whatever programmes that ba Sata left which he said he was going to finish, he has done.”