FORMER Kasama Central PF member of parliament Kelvin Sampa says he is not in the UPND to enrich himself because if that was his trend, he could have been followed by the Anti-Corruption Commission.

In an interview, Sampa, who recently joined UPND, said most of the people in the new dawn government did not have experience and would therefore depend on people like him to help out.

“My mind is still fresh and I love my country. It is not all about myself, it is about the nation, that is the most important thing. I know for a fact that this new government, most of them don’t have that experience. So, they will depend on people like us who know what to do in terms of helping out. And it is not all about getting there to go and enrich myself which I never did in PF, because if that was the trend, then I think even I should have been followed by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC). I never got any government contracts; my company never did any business with the government. I depended on my business that was outside Zambia because here I was locked and blocked,” Sampa said.

“Nobody could do business with me, nobody could give me anything. Most people could have seen me looking like I was in the inner circle, but I don’t think I was. It is like in a marriage, you don’t go shouting about how you are being ill treated in public, you just keep quiet and watch and wait for the right moment.”

Sampa said the PF supported wrong things and that he became popular when he tried to correct that.

“You people in the media saw how I was treated, even when I spoke the truth about cadreism, to end the violence that was happening, I was treated like I was. I didn’t know what I was talking about. There was even one time when the Flash decided to go on a boycott because of cadres that were extorting money from the drivers, I got up to go and stop that nonsense but what happened in the end? The entire provincial party rose up against me and demonstrated to say they didn’t want me. So, they supported the wrong things and I was trying to correct the things that should have been correct for the nation but I became unpopular,” said Sampa.

“UNIP which had done so well for this country even at the time when Rupiah Banda was losing the elections, the economy was doing very well. And the people did not want the attitude and the habit that PF inflicted on the citizens. That is why they had to be chucked out. And eight months is too early to start talking because eight months is as good as you have not even started performing when you are talking of governance, it is too early.”