AQUELLOS que nunca han visitado México pensarán Antonio es estúpida.

And if you have been to that country and returned without going to watch a bullfight, Antonio will also think you are stupid.

But don’t worry, Antonio has never been to Mexico himself and he had no idea that the bullsh*t he was saying actually made a lot of bull sense.

In the Mexican game of corrida, six bulls are fought by three bullfighters called matadors. The matador always employees the help of several assistants called banderilleros, who are usually not dressed as colorfully as the matador. The strongest matador fights the third and the last bull, while the least experienced fights the first and fourth bull.

Spectators normally determine whether the bull is brave or a coward by its reaction to the pikes thrown at it. The brave bull will disregard the pain and charge even harder at the matador, while the cowardly bull is reluctant to fight and is roundly booed and rejected by the crowd.

This reaction and assessment from the crowd determines the ranking of the bullfighters for the next tournament.

Let’s now cut to the chase.

ANTONIO Mwanza: “Yes, Edith Nawakwi is depressed and frustrated that a political party such as the UPND can fail to articulate their vision for this country. And Mr Stephen Katuka says Nawakwi is not a political factor in the coming elections, I think if she wasn’t a factor, the UPND leadership would not have been crawling to her trying to convince her to work with them.”

Now you may be wondering what kind of a presidential candidate Nawakwi is who gets frustrated and depressed because her competitor is not winning.

But that is why she employed Antonio Banderilleros to help her in the August 11 bullfight, since his name suggests that he has some Mexican taste.

That is why Antonio Banderilleros, will not hesitate to tell us that matador Nawakwi is depressed because according to the last ECZ bullfight results and rankings, the Tonga bull she is taking on this year, is too weak for her energy.

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