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  • Constipation court

    LETS face it, the Constitution Court works like a condom; it knows that its job is to protect the two individuals, but it can chose....

  • Chama urinary pipeline

    JUST when I was about to give up reading Chibamba Kanyama’s Business and Finance column, it has finally paid off. Thanks to you uncle CK,....

  • Iris for president

    IRIS, you were found guilty of producing a pornographic video with your boyfriend at college, what is your advice to young people? IRIS Kaingu: “I....

  • Wina keeps losing

    SORRY, grandma Inonge Wina, I am sure it feels very awkward that everyone is accusing you of ordering an illegal decree on the Copperbelt, and....

  • Wife for hire

    MUMBI Phiri has every right to tell us how thin her husband is and how much he sweats through hard work to satisfy her.

  • Vibrant Action

    THE only other person who is right apart from Dora Siliya this week is the news editor at the national broadcaster.

  • Tranquilized state

    DOCTOR Boniface Fundafunda, I have always had a lot of respect for you, but now I am loosing it because of the way you are....

  • Erotically lucrative daughter

    IF a bunch of hungry Copperbelt University students can overpower a unit of anti-riot paramilitary police officers and grab their weapons, then I am sure....

  • Stupid rich hat

    SO MANY Zambians have twitted and posted Facebook messages of love and goodwill to the Mwanawasa family to mark seven years since the passing of....

  • Conqueror of a democratic Empire

    FATHER Stephen Mwape, please calm down; you don’t have to swear on your life when announcing your preparedness to wreak vengeance on the PF for....

  • Striped or solid balls?

    I know he dresses like a disoriented chameleon, but my President, we must bring back Mr Bonny Kapeso to manage the police public affairs because....

  • Stray she-rifle

    ALTHOUGH Charity Katanga talks and looks like Annie Kansiime, I think she is a much more serious kapokola than our Inspector General of Police.

  • Son of a gun

    YOU know that the murder his son committed really hit him hard if he couldn’t even remember one flamboyant word when police picked him up....

  • Same or Different?

    ARMY Commander Lt General Paul Mihova has written to my President, seeking permission to dismiss the soldier who posted a picture of the Head of....

  • Skirt counsel

    I DON’T like this kind of stampede around my Linda

  • Nindalama za nyoko?

    IF you hate Rupiah Banda, then you must have a malfunctioning sense of humour.

  • Shut up Mr Fackwell

    I NEVER thought after Fackson Shamenda, Zambia would see another trade unionist, more provocative and resilient than him.

  • Short walk to freedom

    SHALL we just say God made man; man made money, money made man mad, and one such mad man is Goodwell.

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