The Drug Enforcement Commission has arrested a University Teaching Hospital medical records officer for trafficking in ephedrine.

According to a statement issued by DEC deputy public relations officer Kamufisa Manchishi, Wednesday, Millcent Beebe was arrested upon arrival from India.

“The Drug Enforcement Commission at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka has arrested two individuals for trafficking and importation of ephedrine, contrary to the laws of Zambia. Millcent Beebe, 41, a medical records officer at the University Teaching Hospital of House Number 22, DK Compound in Lusaka has been arrested and charged with trafficking and importation of  suspected ephedrine concealed in thirty (34) tin cans weighing a total of 19.3 Kg. The suspect, who was intercepted upon arrival from India aboard an Ethiopian Airlines flight, is jointly charged with Paul Mwenda, 41, a driver at a named embassy in Lusaka residing at house number D10, Chitemwiko Road in Kabulonga,” Manchishi stated.

“Meanwhile, the Commission in Lusaka has arrested Castro Changwe, 23, of John Laing Compound for trafficking in 52.3 Kg of loose cannabis as well as Dickson Changwe, 21, for trafficking in 48.6 Kg loose cannabis intercepted at Ndabala Check Point. And, the Commission in Mumbwa District has arrested Paul Kamamba, 58, of Chishila Village for trafficking in 7.8 Kg of fresh cannabis plants. The suspects are in Police custody and will appear in court soon.”