PF Media Director Sunday Chanda says NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili should consider subjecting himself to a thorough mental examination, adding that it’s sad that the latter believes insulting President Edgar Lungu is a mark of great opposition politics.

On Saturday, Kambwili said when he featured on IWAZE Radio in Chingola that the late president Michael Sata entrusted President Lungu with so many responsibilities because he was the only drunkard with no presidential ambitions.

He explained that president Sata was aware that there were too many people with presidential ambitions in the party, hence his decision to use President Lungu to act in his absence as a way of unifying the party.

But responding to Kambwili’s remarks in a statement sent to News Diggers! Monday, Chanda stated that Kambwili’s remarks exposed his lack of respect for late president Sata.

“The ruling party is concerned that Honourable Chishimba Kambwili continues to open his mouth and immediately puts his foot into it. We are worried at the rate of inconsistencies from the rogue parliamentarian that we now think it’s a question of poor or fractured judgement. The reported interview carried in News Diggers! exposes the lack of respect by Kambwili for the late president Michael Sata,” Chanda argued.

He stated that Kambwili was frustrated and he believed insulting President Lungu was a mark of great opposition politics.

“In Kambwili’s fractured recollection of things, he alleges that president Sata made irrational decisions. Yet this is the same Kambwili who seeks to masquerade as a ‘small Cobra.’ He is frustrated because his mimicking of president Sata has not worked for him. Kambwili believes insulting President Lungu is a mark of great opposition politics. It’s sad that our brother sees everything in reverse. He is a victim of circumstance and we keep him in constant prayers,” Chanda charged.

And Chanda stated that Kambwili should subject himself to a thorough mental check-up because the rebel Roan PF member of parliament needed more sympathy than anger.

“It’s in the best interest, therefore, that he seriously considers subjecting himself to a thorough mental check-up. If a hospital facility is stigmatized, Parliament has a number of medical doctors who can do justice. We, therefore, reaffirm that Honourable Chishimba Kambwili needs more sympathy than anger,” stated Chanda.