The Kabwe High court has sentenced a 42-year-old man of Luano district to 25 years imprisonment with hard labour for defiling his step daughter.

In this case, Simon Munkombwe was alleged to have had unlawful carnal knowledge of his step daughter aged 15 on May 13, 2018 while his wife was away, contrary to Section 138 of the Penal Code.

When the matter came up for sentencing Monday, Justice Kelvin Limbani said the offender, Simon Munkombwe, deserved to be punished to send a strong signal to members of the public to stay away from committing such offences.

“Cases of defilement, especially by relatives, who are trusted by the victims are on the increase. This calls for stiffer punishment to send a clear signal to the public on the need to protect girls in society. You deserve to be locked away to protect girl children and help you reform while in prison as well as reflect on your actions,” Justice Limbani said.

Justice Limbani wondered what sort of enjoyment the Munkombwe wanted to get by defiling his step daughter which his wife could not give him.

“I have gone through the records from the trial court. You grabbed your step daughter, threw her on the bed and forced yourself on her while your wife was away. I wonder what sort of enjoyment you wanted which your wife could not give you. You pleaded not guilty during trial but the trial court found you guilty. I agree with the trial court and consequently, sentence you to 25 years with hard labour,” said Justice Limbani.