FAZ has warned dealers that are selling counterfeit national team replicas to desist from the act or face a nine month sentence once caught.

FAZ general secretary Adrian Kashala said the consequences were non-negotiable and applicable to anyone caught regardless of his or her society stance.

In an interview with Goal Diggers! Kashala said well-meaning Zambians should support the national team brand adding that it was one of the few commercial ventures that facilitated the association’s smooth operations.

“This is too simple and common a venture to ruin. No well-meaning Zambian should resort to selling counterfeit products of the association or anything to do with business. The consequences will not spare anyone and remember it goes through the court. We will swing into action through law enforcement agencies and apprehend anyone who will be found peddling counterfeit products,” said Kashala.

Earlier this week FAZ revealed it had confiscated an assortment counterfeit replicas with eleven suspects put in custody and would appear in court on a date to be communicated later by the association.

Among the confiscated counterfeit products were Kappa, Mafro, Nike and KoPa.

Kashala said that as long as they bore the FAZ logo, law enforcement agencies would take interest in them.

In February 2018 a Chinese national, Huang Bing of Makeni was handed a nine month sentence for selling 26 Chipolopolo replica jerseys worth K3, 600.

Huang, 43, a businessman admitted before Magistrate Greenwell Malumani that on January 20 he sold jerseys which bore a false trademark.