A photo of former Copperbelt Province minister Mwenya Musenge ‘sleeping’ during the National Day of Prayer and Fasting has sparked a new wave of social media debate.

Musenge is the Secretary General of a PF break away party called National Democratic Congress, but unlike his ally Chishimba Kambwili who shunned the event hosted in Kitwe, the hefty ex-government official chose to show up.

However, it was not his unexpected presence which caught the congregants’ attention but his dreamland posture captured in a selfie of another worshiper.

The photo has since gone viral on Facebook pages and WhatsApp groups where netizens are debating whether the former minister was “snoring” or “flowing” in prayer.

The PF media team led by director Sunday Chanda took part in circulating the photo in WhatsApp groups, where members took turns mocking and questioning Musenge’s prayer posture.

PF chairman for media and publicity Frank Bwalya however, took great exception to people mocking Musenge in his WhatsApp media group.

Bwalya, an ex-Catholic priest said it was not right to mock the ‘napping’ man.

“He closed his eyes as he prayed. Exposing him that he was sleeping is in bad taste. Such should (not) obtain in politics. Where prayers are concerned, exposing one another is not right,” Bwalya said.

Another member in the group, Irvin‬, wondered what kind of praying position the opposition leader had assumed.

“Only God knows if he was fast asleep or praying… But that’s not a correct posture for anyone talking to God… Unless it’s a latest style ba Fr [Bwalya],” laughed Irvin.

But Bwalya said even if Musenge was sleeping, it was not sinful.

“Besides its not sinful sleep at prayers for the whole day. Its bad political propaganda to focus on such a thing. Everyone should ha e focused on his God not [the] next person,” said Bwalya