MMD leader Nevers Mumba says African Heads of State must push for ICC reforms because they will be misunderstood if they exit abruptly.

And Mumba says President Edgar Lungu must order investigations into the maizegate scandal.

Speaking during a Radio Christian Voice’s Chatback program today, Mumba, who is also vice chairperson for opposition political parties in the southern region, urged African leaders to push for reforms in the ICC before deciding to exit.

“I just want to say that the African presidents and leaders must first push for reforms in the ICC. Sts one unitary force to say that if there are going to have any judgment at the ICC, there must be across the board and fair to all presidents of the world and not just against Africans,” Mumba said.

“If they resist the proposed reforms, then Africa can think of pulling down because none of us wants our leaders to be the only victims. However, if we pull out right now, we are going to be seen that we want to continue to perpetuate the abuse of our people and mistreatment of our people and therefore, it will be totally misunderstood.”

And Mumba urged President Lungu to order investigations into the maizegate scandal.

“Are you democratic enough to show the Zambian people that you are fighting corruption? This is the challenge that I bring before this government…We need an audit on the maize gate [scandal] of Malawi. And I just want to say this, am saying this to the President to PF. Can you please do an audit? Tell the Zambian people whether, anyone in Zambia is implicated. And if any is implicated, are you brave enough to do what Malawi did?” Mumba asked.

He also said Zambians should not complain for the hardships which they were currently undergoing because they were paying for voting in “bad leaders”.

“You cannot ask somebody who is not trained to operate on your body just because he looks handsome or he has more money than others to work on your body because he is going to kill you. This is what is happening now in this country, we have sown bad leadership,” said Mumba.