FORMER defence minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and his wife Chama were on Wednesday interrogated by the Joint Investigation Team at the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The interrogation began around 09:00 hours and lasted for about six hours.

And speaking to journalists afterwards, Mwamba said he was issued with a warn and caution statement on issues he did not understand.

He said the investigative wings showed him documents which he did not sign.

“Yes, I have been here since 09:00 hours and I am just coming out and this is almost 16:00 hours. The first person they interrogated was my wife and the interrogation took about 1 hour 30 minutes, and thereafter, myself. Well, it has been a very lengthy and exciting interrogation. There are charges that have been laid against me which I am not aware of. It went on very well and I can see that the focus is on me and as much as they would want to extract information from me, I told them what I know about everything,” he said.

“I am very excited about it because I think the court will know, in fact, all the media should come and hear how the court proceedings will be because it will be a very interesting one and most people will know why they want me to appear in court. Most of the documents that they were showing me, none of them was my signature appended there.”

Mwamba charged that government was after him and other PF members.

“I am okay and you know these things happen when there is a change of government. So, our colleagues in government are out to get us those in PF. But me and my family are happy that the issue will be taken to court after an arrest on us,” said Mwamba.

His lawyer, Bonaventure Mutale refused to speak to journalists, while Home Affairs public relations officer Nephas Chifuta said he was not in a position to speak.