Police warn and caution Mukata

Police spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo says police have warned and cautioned Chilanga UPND member of parliament Keith Mukata and his accomplice Charmine Musonda.

In a statement today, Katongo said police were still waiting for the postmortem report for them to proceed with the case.

“We have Warned and Cautioned both Mr Keith Mukata and his wife Charmine for Murder . We are still waiting for a postmortem report for us to proceed with the case. We could not do this yesterday, because the accused persons requested that they be Warned and Cautioned in presence of their Lawyers who only managed to come through today,” stated Katongo.


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Zambia First
Zambia First

Is he still in custody…? or he has already been released awaiting the police/ postmortem report… Why does the African Law treat those of the political class kinder?

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