Patriotic Front (PF) Deputy Spokesperson Frank Bwalya says former information minister Chishimba Kambwili will soon rot like any part of the body does after being amputated.

And Bwalya says Kambwili is good at producing lies as big as himself.

Speaking when he featured on Radio Phoenix’s ‘Let the People Talk’ programme today, Bwalya said Kambwili was a cancer to the PF.

He further described Kambwili’s vocalism on the media as an amputated cancer which would soon rot.

“Look at how Chishimba Kambwili reacted to madam Dora Siliya joining us, he wanted to project himself as the one with the authority as to who joined the Patriotic Front and who cannot join saying that Dora needed to apologize as far as he was concerned. So it’s this ego, it’s about himself all the time. If I were him, I would have gone to the President and quietly and air my grievance to the President as the leader of the party who we have deposited the authority into in order to decide on certain decisions including refusing to accept certain members, the President can do that on our behalf,” Bwalya said.

“But he wanted to project himself like he depended on who we accept to become a member of the Patriotic Front, that is an act of indiscipline. And that is why we describe him as a cancer, he has been amputated and very soon alabola (he will rot) because that is what happens to every part of a body that is cut off. So he is going to talk like this yap and yap but very soon he is going to be flat battery.”

And Bwalya said Kambwili was selfish and lacked respect for other people.

“Kambwili is a good liar and maybe one thing that he is good at is producing lies as big as himself. He is insisting that he wants to continue being part of PF, now imagine a child who has been told by the parents that you cannot belong to this family, you are kicked out. Then this child goes and looks for a bag of pebbles, stones, sits across the road and begins to throw stones at the house, shuttering windows and so on, punctuated with words like you can’t send me away, I belong in this house and he is throwing stones, you can’t believe that this child wants to belong to this house which he has started to destroy. So no one believes that Kambwili will not leave the Patriotic Front,” Bwalya said.

Bwalya charged that Kambwili was only frustrated that the party never considered him as a presidential material.

“Why is Kambwili seemingly making it look like this is between him and President Edgar Chagwa Lungu? It’s only because Kambwili is very frustrated that we have not looked at him as a presidential material to be a penalty taker for the Patriotic Front. But we have decided and am sure we are going to be discussing this, that President Edgar Lungu will be our penalty taker for 2021,” he said.

“The problem with our brother in that area is his background. You know he was a scrap metal dealer mubukulu (he gained some of his knowledge in advanced age) not that am trying to look down upon people who acquire degrees when they are already advanced, but in terms of his exposure, we pity him. The only difference that makes him reasonable is that he has a big mouth, of course he speaks loudly and some people maybe misled to think that, that is intelligence. There is usually very little in terms of intellectual inside.”

Bwalya said it was expected that Kambwili would not go down easily.

“If Chishimba Kambwili did not speak the manner he is speaking, that would have been the biggest miracle in political history. This is what is expected of Chishimba Kambwili and maybe he is yet to say a lot of unreasonable things. It is expected, that is who he is. Those of us who have interacted with him closely, we know that he has got no respect for other people, he is too selfish,” Bwalya added.

“So when he talks about people having come from MMD to PF, it is not the concern, it is not about the ideals and so on, it’s that he is threatened personally. He is trying to protect his position and you can see his arrogance and ego, even in terms of respect and royalty to the President of our party, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, he doesn’t have it. Above all, this man clearly lacks discernment…Those are kicks of a dying horse.”

Bwalya also said Kambwili’s biggest mistake was to destabilize the party.

“And in that meeting as he was speaking, he was not listening to himself, and he ended up being embarrassed. He stormed out of the meeting. The manner in which Chishimba Kambwili walked out of that meeting in itself constituted a grave offense against the party. Yes he asked the President to leave, when he asked the president to leave, he was not allowed to leave. He used the word ‘I don’t want to be part of this illegality’ he committed a grave offense,” said Bwalya.

“The problem with Kambwili is that he over rates himself. However the mistake he has made are not necessarily his wanting to become president but how he has been destabilizing the party trying to demolish anyone he thinks is in his way as he tries to become president. And if there is nothing that the President cannot stand is people who are too full of themselves.”