South African entertainer Rebbeca Libram alias Zodwa Wabantu is likely to be deported this morning, says event promoter Lucky Cheelo Munakampe.

Zodwa, who is still detained at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, arrived last night around 21:00hrs.

In an interview, Munakampe narrated how Zodwa was detained.

“She arrived at the airport at 21:00 hours, we she went on to do the normal procedure and went through immigration and we even went to the otherside ready to receive her and got worried when she took too long to get cleared. We then went inside to check on her and only to be told she had been detained and we were told that they will call us after they interviewed her,” he narrated.

“We waited for over an hour but nothing happened. We could hear one of the senior immigration officers on the phone explaining that she was calm and had come alone. We tried to negotiate but nothing happened, we decided to leave a few minutes to midnight. And as of now we don’t even know her condition and how she is being treated, but we are trying to make effort to know the current situation. Last night I also received several texts from National Arts Council director who told me to say that our appeal had not gone through and had been denied by the minister of tourism and arts. And he said it would not be good if Zodwa came even just as a spectator but I asked him to cite a law that states she can’t and he himself said there was no law that bars Zodwa from coming as a guest.”

He said said the dancer was likely to be deported but he was doing everything possible to reverse that decision.

“They took away her phone so we haven’t been in touch for a few hours now but it looks like she will be sent back on the next flight but we are doing everything possible to keep her in the country,” said Munakampe.