Lunte PF member of parliament Mutotwe Kafwaya says the ruling party is not led by God but by a mortal human being who is bound to make mistakes.

Speaking during a PF interactive forum, Sunday, Kafwaya said the PF was not a party of angels.

“The reason I may sound a little critical of some political parties such as the UPND and NDC is because I think there is nothing for Zambians to believe because they have failed to put documents in place to demonstrate who they are. UPND should show relevance because they have representation in parliament and local government, they need to be relevant, they need to help Zambians because PF is not always going to do everything right, PF is not a party of angels, it is not a party led by God, it is a party led by a mortal, but a good one, a good man who listens,” Kafwaya said.

The lawmaker said he expected the UPND to help the PF out in areas where they were experts.

“So because we are human beings, we have got human limitations, I can understand one area but I won’t understand the rest of the areas and I depend on you colleagues to understand other areas where you are experts. This implies that we need each other. But if the rest of the people who might know a bit are not ready to offer checks and balances, it means we are not receiving any value from them and as far as UPND is concerned, we are not receiving any value from them, and it is [the] Zambian people who are not receiving value from them. People send them to parliament to represent them and they are saying they are not going to support the constitution amendment bill,” Kafwaya observed.

“We have the PF which is working and the opposition which is not offering any checks and balances, so it’s a free ride on the part of PF and I am happy to belong to PF at the time like this one and we’ll continue taking our country forward.”

And Kafwaya said the PF was still a pro-poor party despite effecting numerous taxes which he said were meant to broaden the tax base.

“Nothing has changed…our pro-poor policies still remain in place and we are doing just that. What has not been understood clearly by many people, including some politicians, is that government has just revisited the policies that were not implemented to broaden tax collection.
Some politicians have since taken advantage of this to mislead the people that various taxes have been introduced…there is nothing new and we are still promoting pro-poor policies,” said Kafwaya.