National Democratic Congress (NDC) president Chishimba Kambwili says he has come to realize that former president Rupiah Banda was more reasonable than President Edgar Lungu.

And Kambwili says the NDC central committee will decide what to do with Mwenya Musenge following the dismissal of the party’s former secretary general’s petition by the Lusaka High Court.

Speaking in an interview, Friday, Kambwili lamented that President Lungu’s presence in Kitwe had disturbed opposition campaigns for Lubwa ward.

“He is panicking I have told you that this man is panicking because we have taken over the Copperbelt. And even this panicking is costly to the tax payers. He has just come from Kenya, without spending a night in State House, he came to Kitwe. What time does he do his office work this man? I am really disappointed. The problem with this man he has centered himself so much on the campaigns for the 2021 elections and he is costing this country tax payers money. And it is a very unreasonable thing for the President to be always want to be out of State House more especially going to the Copperbelt. Can you the media ask him why should he be always on the Copperbelt all the time?” Kambwili asked.

“What is happening today [Friday] we have an election here and we agreed dates on which to hold rallies in the ward where the election is, in Kitwe. And today NDC was supposed to have a rally, the police call us ‘no the President is in town you cannot go ahead with the rally and he is going to be here for three days’, Meaning the coming of the President is basically to block our rally in Kitwe. The President has two guest houses; he’s got a guest house in Ndola, he’s got a guest house in Lusaka, why come and disturb the NDC program by coming just to sleep in Kitwe? He has no program today, [Friday] here in Kitwe he is going for a fundraising tomorrow [Saturday] why cancel our rally as NDC? Aba bantu (these people) are so scared of Imbwili but I want to tell them that if it is given, it is given nobody can take away from you. So he is waisting his time.”

He said he had realized Banda was more reasonable than President Lungu.

“And why come during the time people have elections I mean insoni ebuntu (a person should have shame), this kind of behavior from the President is unacceptable. And I think the President just acts like the President. Behave like the President, conduct himself like a President this man is conducting himself like a mere cadre who when he knows that he is losing elections he goes to disturb. This is what they did during the Roan election the man came here for three days and we were told that during those three days we couldn’t campaign, no this is unacceptable. And Zambians must say enough is enough to this kamwendo munjila (leg on the road), always wanting to be interfering. Even Rupaih Banda was better, we used to complain as PF about Rupiah Banda movements but Edgar Lungu’s movements are even triple the trips of Rupiah Bwezani Banda. And I want to apologise Rupiah Bwezani Banda that I think you were reasonable enough,” he said.

“This man is very unreasonable, extremely unreasonable. Wanting to interfere with opposition programs every time there are elections, that is being cheap. The man is exhibiting cheap conduct. The people of Zambia have already decided, you see people of Zambia can look to be docile but when they decide, they decide his wasting his time. They did everything they could in Roan did they win? They did everything, they brought money, the entire cabinet, Lusaka shifted to Roan. Did they win? When people have decided, then they have decided he is wasting his time”.

And Kambwili said Musenge’s fate would be decided by the NDC central committee.

“The decision will be made by the central committee all I can tell Mr Mwenya Musenge is that when you want to fight, assess the risk that’s all I can say to him. And I thank the courts for being professional and thank the party for being professional cause I have never seen a situation where somebody can say I am the owner of the party he can do anything just because he is the secretary general I have never seen that conduct in political parties. It is unheard of, it is the first of its kind where you register a party and somebody claims he is the owner, he is the alpha and omega but like what I have said, the central committee will decide on Mr Mwenya Musenge I am not the final authority, the central committee will decide,” said Kambwili.