Former Patriotic Front Petauke District Secretary, Moses Mutale, has asked President Edgar Lungu to drop PF secretary general Davies Mwila if the ruling party is to win the 2021 general elections.

In a press statement, Mutale argued that Mwila was not a politician who could take the PF forward, and that with him being the secretary general, the ruling party will fail to pull through the crucial 2021 general election because he was a liability.

“We are going towards the final match, which is 2021, and some political players we have will not enable us win an election battle because 2021 won’t be easy! And as the party, we have to put rightful players in rightful positions,” Mutale stated.

“My advice to the President is that the party is not safe with the midfielder, who is Davies Mwila, the secretary general, who happens to be at the hub of the party. When we see the qualities and qualifications, he doesn’t fit to continue as the SG. He has been compensated enough for whatever the case we know as the party and this time the president will not be answerable to God because he has done his part to compensate Mr Mwila.”

He reminded President Lungu of the need to be serious in ensuring the right people were selected to occupy crucial positions within the ruling party.

“This time we don’t need to play around, we need to organise the party so well in readiness for 2021 by ensuring credible leaders are put in rightful positions. Truthfully speaking, if Mr Mwila remains the SG, then believe you me, we are not going anywhere as a party! The President is the coach of the party and us, as supporters, we are telling him to substitute SG so that we win our 2021 game or else we will lose if nothing is done,” he cautioned.

Mutale, who served as the district PF secretary under Sata’s era, charged that Mwila was not a “crowd-puller” to the party, but scared people away with his demeanour.

“Mwila was not born to be a politician and he has no political qualities; when things are sour, a leader should not pretend as if things are okay; when things are bad, he should show a smile to console the members; one should have a skill of attracting people as people should see peace in him, people should feel welcome, but when he (Mwila) appears, his face can tell that things are not okay! His face can tell that there is no peace and where we are going, things won’t be okay! You can tell that he is not an accommodating person at all,” Mutale argued.

On the party presidency position, Mutale advised President Lungu to ensure that everyone was free to contest for the position at next year’s party convention.

“If the President does not put it open that ‘let’s compete on presidential candidature’ then it’s wrong! He has to be democratic to the party members so that he knows the truth of his political candidature. However, my major concern first of all is on the SG and issue of presidency can be tabled later,” stated Mutale.