Disaster Management and mitigation unit (DMMU) national coordinator Chanda Kabwe has expressed disappointment with some unscrupulous individuals who are reselling the maize accessed from the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) to fight hunger.

ZANIS reports that Kabwe was speaking in Choma, Monday, when he paid a courtesy call on Southern Province Permanent Secretary Mwangala Liomba.

He said unknown people had been buying maize from FRA purporting to be vulnerable but instead they are replenishing their stocks with the government maize sold under what is called “community sale”.

Kabwe said the community sales initiative was a strategy government had devised to enable vulnerable households access maize at affordable prices considering the hunger situation ravaging the area, adding that it should not viewed as a business opportunity for others.

He warned that if the act continued, government would have no choice but to revisit the system of community sale of maize to the people.

Kabwe observed that the scourge was not only happening in Southern Province but Western Province as well.

He described the situation as a betrayal to government.

Meanwhile, Liomba asked Kabwe to quickly attend to some bridges that have outlived their lifespan.

He said most bridges leading to key areas might be washed away once it rains.

Liomba cited the crossing point leading to Macha Mission Hospital, the school of nursing and connecting through chief Chikanta’s area in Kalomo district to be one of those that need immediate attention.

The PS said if they were left unattended to, it maybe difficult to distribute the farming inputs to those areas.