MAZABUKA UPND member of parliament Gary Nkombo says the ruling Patriotic Front has ruined the country beyond its imagination.

On Sunday, PF media director Sunday Chanda said UPND had lamentably failed to present a viable alternative vision and plan for the country.

He said citizens can have confidence that the ruling party under President Edgar Lungu was better equipped to address the problems distressing the country, such as fighting corruption at all levels and lowering the cost of living.

However, in an interview, Nkombo said the ruling party had brought the country to its knees.

“The last kicks of a dying horse are extremely dangerous. The people who are peddling tribalism and regionalism are well known because they have made public statements, especially during campaigns. And it is clear that the President has been quiet about it. The PF have run this economy down and if we constantly remind the people that the troubles of this country are not being addressed by the governance of this country, that does not mean we are bitter. The fact of the matter is that Zambians are worse off now than they were before PF came into power. So who has then outlived their usefulness? Those who have brought the country on its knees or those who intend to salvage the country?” Nkombo asked.

“They have ruined this country beyond imagination. And the fact of the matter is that Zambians should not entertain another day of PF’s administration after August 12, next year because they are going to multiply the suffering of the people. The people of this country are going to respond to our message. What can PF say to change their situation? Zambians have been fooled for a long time, they cannot be fooled anymore.”

He said President Lungu was a weak man leading a pack of violent individuals.

“PF does not care about the Zambian people, you can see from their behavior. They are clumsy, they are reckless, and they are violent. President Lungu is a weak man leading a pack of violent individuals. Where does that violence come from? It is running out of ideas that one resorts to violence. If one has ideas to share, you do not use your limbs to fight. If you recall, two days ago, the PF went to destroy a social amenity in Kamanga. Why would a normal human being do that?” wondered Nkombo. “No matter how many trumpets this Chanda is going to blow, he should be advised that the trumpet is ringing in his own ears because Zambians have made up their minds. There is nothing that they can do to reverse the situation. President Lungu has failed lamentably, he is not in control of anything. Here is the man who, in the midst of poverty, buys an expensive Jet, is he responsive to the people’s plight? The answer is no! He has lived beyond his shelf-life.”