MULTITUDES yesterday gathered at Lusaka Showgrounds to commemorate the National Day of Prayer, Fasting, Repentance and Reconciliation.

The commemoration, which was held under the theme “Zambia Seeks God’s Intervention for Sustained National Unity, Peace and Prosperity”, was graced by President Edgar Lungu and other senior government officials.

In a statement of purpose, Northmead Assemblies of God overseer Joshua Banda said the purpose of the gathering was to repent and seek God’s intervention.

“We are gathered to seek God’s interventions in three key areas; sustained unity in light of the fact that from time to time we as a people by our ingratitude to God and our insensitivity to one another tend to weaken ourselves in the noble quest and commitment to celebrate our unity in the amazing diversity we have been endowed with. As a result, sadly, we find ourselves sometimes quarrelling and even trading insults and we have regrettably even resorted to violence especially during election intervals,” said Bishop Banda.

“Your Excellency, this day gives an opportunity for Zambians to confess these faults to one another and we turn to God in fasting and repentance with a determination to reconcile. Peace is a rare commodity that God has blessed Zambia with. Our gathering together, therefore, from all walks of life, setting aside any differences that may abide is an indication of our determination to call upon God for help. To sustain the peace and harmony that we so badly need. We observe that Zambia like many nations has been battling recently with the COVID-19 pandemic which has gravely impacted our economy and our very livelihood. However, we will use this national convocation to seek God’s intervention in accordance to the three key passages that have been indicated. The purpose of our gathering is to humble ourselves, repent and seek the face of God.”

And in his prayer of thanksgiving, Bishop David Masupa, President for Independent Churches of Zambia thanked God for blessing the country’s economy with a positive trade balance.

“God Almighty, Rock of salvation. David describes you in Psalms 95 that you are our maker of human flesh, the heavens and the earth, the great God and the great King above all kings. We come in your presence with thanksgiving in our hearts, we thank you for the great things you have done for us as a people of Zambia. In 2019 and 2020, God our apple tree, you gave us increased bumper harvest. Despite adverse climate conditions, the one that commands the ravens to feed us, even in time of famine. You provided a brook even when there is drought. You have been faithful to us. Jehovah in 2020 as a nation you increased our copper production, you also increased our nickel and Manganese production. You increased and you will increase the production of our gold, cobalt, coal and emerald. God, king of the earth, you have blessed our economy with a positive trade balance which is a great hope to put our country Zambia on the path of economic recovery even as we leap in 2021,” prayed Bishop Masupa.

“We will not forget to be thankful for the you for the massive infrastructure in road construction and rehabilitation ,airports, schools, health posts hospitals, colleges, universities coupled with social protection programs where over 4.2 million Zambians have benefited under the distinguished good leadership of Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu administration.”

Meanwhile, Bishop Billy Mfula of Jesus Anointed Ministries prayed that God should usher the country into prosperity economically.