THE Centre for Trade Policy and Development (CTPD) has appealed to the UPND government to remain true to the promises for which the Zambian people voted them into office.

In a congratulatory statement, Wednesday, CTPD executive director Isaac Mwaipopo said Zambians had expectations that the UPND government would restore confidence and trust in the country’s affairs.

“As the Centre for Trade Policy and Development (CTPD), we wish to make a commitment that we will continue working with the government in fostering pro-poor trade policies and practices and supporting trade and investment activities that are aimed at eradicating poverty in Zambia. As the CTPD, we wish to echo that after this election process, comes a greater part of the work you and your team will have to execute. You have been voted into office for change which is the theme in your party’s manifesto (2021 -2026),” he said.

“With the confidence that has been laid before your eyes, you will need to remain true to the promise for which the Zambian people have hired you. Zambians have expectations that your leadership will restore confidence and trust in all affairs of the country. We would like to reiterate that the promises as enshrined in your party manifesto, are the expectations of the Zambian people. May these be the yardstick through which you will be measured going forward.”

Mwaipopo reminded the new administration of some of the promises it made to the people which needed to be brought to fruition.

“The people of Zambia believe in you to bring these promises into fruition: Invest in Zambians through quality education and economic empowerment, not handouts that only appear at election time. Create quality jobs, particularly for the youths and women. Address the rising poverty and inequality. Provide universal access to high-quality healthcare. Attain macroeconomic stability and prioritize areas of national development. Transform and diversify the economy to meet the aspiration of Zambians. Reduce socio-economic disparities among regions to create a foundation for sustainable development by harnessing our resources,” he stated.

“Retain professionalism and meritocracy in the recruitment and management of the civil service and state-owned enterprises. Eradicate government waste, corruption and strengthen governance. Eradicate tribal divisions by unifying all Zambians and embracing our diversity. Establish a durable constitutional order that will catalyze political, economic, and social development of the country; and Establish good governance norms that promote transparency, accountability, consultation, and dialogue between the governors and the governed.”

Mwaipopo hoped that the UPND administration would welcome constructive criticism and allow checks and balances from various players.

“We hope and pray that your administration would welcome constructive criticism and allow checks and balances from Civil Society Organizations and other like-minded players both inside and outside Zambia. Once more, please accept our heartfelt congratulations on your victory, as well as our best wishes for your continued success as you prepare to assume the obligations and challenges that come with such a high position,” said Mwaipopo.