TRADITIONAL healer Kauka Senjobe claims he has herbs which treat and cure Covid-19 within three days which patients can access for K1,500.

But Ministry of Health permanent secretary for administration Dr George Magwende has warned members of the public to be careful because some people just try to make money from desperate situations.

In an interview, Senjobe said when Covid-19 first emerged, his herbs were on high demand. d.

“These herbs it’s a combination of various herbs which we combine to make a solution and people have really used our products for a while and there has been great response. For a person to get fully healed, it takes two to three days, the person must be okay. Just like when the person gets the influenza treatment,” Senjobe said.

“As of now, the numbers are slow a bit but at first there were a lot of people who used to come, those who were ordering for the same herbs but now the numbers are dropping. So far they’re many people that I have assisted, I can’t say the exact number but there are many people.”

He said a full treatment cost K1,500.

“Yes, we have the medicine for the treatment of Covid-19. The full course goes at K1,500, you only take for 10 days and we are found near Chelstone market but we also do delivery within Lusaka,” Senjobe said.

Senjobe said the herbs were in powder form.

“There some herbs that are in powder form, these we had them for other treatment but now they also work on Covid like the one you know here in Zambia, you get lemon and ginger, these that you already know and there also these powdered ones, which we already had for other diseases but we combined them to make a solution and this solution is called Kakuba chichiumba,” said Senjobe.

“Immediately, if you take in the morning, in the evening you have to see some changes. Like I said, two to three days the person must be okay, you know with these herbs, we can’t say the course is for this long because it depends on someone’s hormones and some have strong resistance when it comes to medications. These herbs you just have to take once in the morning on a lid of 150mls bottle of medicine, so you take 15 mls in the morning and another 15 mls in the evening, that’s all.”

But Dr Magwende warned people to be careful with such schemes.

“From your laugh, I don’t think you, personally, and the one who spoke to that individual, is holding that information to the highest esteem. I’m not saying traditional healers don’t play a part to our health system delivery but not everybody that claims to be a transitional healer is a healer and remember, traditional healers have their own associations, they have their own guiding principles, guiding rules and roles okay so anybody that acts outside that, we don’t collaborate,” he said.

“It’s very difficult for me to comment whether that’s good. And I have never heard anything of that sort. But we have to be very careful whenever there is something that stresses the people, causing anxiety, many people want to jump on that boat to make a penny, to make money because people are desperate. You’ve heard of healers curing HIV, curing this and that.”

He insisted that people should be careful with certain individuals who claim to be traditional healers.

“There are even traditional practitioners that will tell you to give them 10 thousand so that I can make 20 thousand for you and we are blind to those demands and we go ahead to do that. Why is he demanding money if he is able to make money, why not make enough and share with the whole world? There are clear chemical boosts that are used in terms of vaccines, in terms of prevention, there are many drugs that we use in terms of treatment and from the past wave, you’ve seen how many were affected and how many got well. I mean why would you want to try something that has not been proven, something that has not been documented? I think let us be careful with our health and let us practice good health,” said Dr Magwende.