Farmers opting to feed their maize to animals than selling to FRA – ZNFU

Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) Media Liason Officer Calvin Kaleyi says the maize marketing season is collapsing because most farmers have opted to continue holding on their maize due to the low price.

In a statement, Kaleyi a survey conducted by the union in some parts of Lusaka and Copperbelt provinces found farmers opting to feed the excess maize to their animals.

“Zambia’s maize marketing season is quickly collapsing as most farmers have opted to continue holding their maize, with some preferring to give the excesses to their animals. A snap survey around the industrial area in Lusaka and some parts of the Copperbelt found scanty milling activity as poor maize prices relentlessly continue,” Kaleyi said.

He said some farmers disclosed that they were not seeing the economic sense in transporting their maize to FRA depots.

“Some farmers spoken to say they are spending between K10 and K20 per 50kg on transport and are not seeing economic sense in transporting their maize to FRA depots that are now few and far apart. Other farmers are not seeing sense in shelling their maize, which is another added cost, let alone buy empty grain bags. Many others have also complained that they are discouraged to take their maize to FRA because the Agency is not paying spot cash, even with poor and miserly price they have offered,” said Kaleyi.

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