President Edgar Lungu says there are so many thieves along the chain of fertiliser distribution who want farmers to abandon the e-voucher system.

And President Lungu says people in Muchinga Province are complaining that he has betrayed them because he is taking development to Southern and Western Provinces where he did not get votes.

Speaking during his working visit in Shiwangandu district of Muchinga province, Lungu also said he was disappointed with the slow pace at which developmental projects were being implemented in the region.

“Let me take advantage of this and inform you that the e-voucher is working and its working well and given that its new, there would be few hiccups which we are looking at. There are so many thieves along the chain of distribution of inputs and that is very clear and those are the same people who are failing our systems so that you can abandon it and get back to the traditional way of delivering inputs. But let me assure you that we will not go back, this system of e-voucher is here to stay, we just have to find a way of perfecting it,” President Lungu said.

The President said he was concerned with the slow pace at which projects in Muchinga province were being implemented.

“Your Royal Highnesses, that the slow pace at which projects are being implemented in Muchinga province calls for concern, I am very concerned. I was just telling the DC when I was writing in the visitors book here, I said that my purpose of visiting Muchinga yet again to meet leaders in the province and ensure that work is being done. Unfortunately, I am not impressed, I think we can do better and these remarks are generally on all projects being done. Suffice to say that I was impressed with two hospitals Mafinga and Miombe under the Ministry of Health. But I can’t say the same about the province at all. So there is need for our colleagues to pull up their socks,” President Lungu said.

The Head of State said he could not leave behind the people who voted him into office.

“For me I think its worse because they got a lot of support from this region and and when people hear that no Lungu is working in southern province, Lungu is working in Western province, they think I am betraying the people who voted for me. I am on duty to look after the entire country but I cannot leave behind the people who voted for me. And all the people who voted for me, the numbers are lagging behind, I have to find out ‘is it sabotage by the administration or resources?’ or what is it? So we will have a meeting on Friday so that we can streamline this matter and ensure that developmental projects in Shiwangandu and the entire country are funded equitably and the benefits are felt by the people,” said President Lungu.