Footballers and Allied Workers Union of Zambia (FAWUZ) says it is displeased with the double standards that exhibited by soccer fans in the country.

FAWUZ general secretary Linos Chalwe noted that soccer fans had little loyalty and support towards footballers in the country, adding that their loyalty ended only in games won.

In an interview with Goal Diggers! Chalwe said there was need to build a solid support base for the national team and not badmouth them each time they failed to deliver.

“Sometimes it is just a day that will not favour the national team or any other football team. This does not mean you forsake them yet you embraced them when they won say in a previous match. Real supporters have endless support and do not turn their backs because of a few mistakes. We need to learn to celebrate our own and support them all the way because no one else will. The attitude of only embracing them when they win does not boost their morale because they will always fear or worry about fans’ reaction to their loss or losses,” said Chalwe.

And former national team forward Harry Milanzi said he was confident Chipolopolo would beat Namibia and Mozambique in the remaining AFCON qualifier games and qualify for the prestigious tournament next year.

“I have no doubt we will qualify for AFCON. Of course we would have been on a safer side already but you know football is tricky. We have a good squad that will beat Namibia at home and Mozambique in the away fixture. The coach knows exactly what he is doing and he makes the right changes when there is need. We are definitely going to qualify and actually do way better at the tournament next year. Let us just keep supporting the national team and give them more confidence,” said Milanzi.

Zambia will host Namibia on 10th November and on a later date face Mozambique in an away fixture. Chipolopolo will have to win both fixtures to qualify for AFCON.