Red Arrows goalkeeper coach Kalililo Kakonje has urged super division clubs to intensify their goal scoring training techniques next season in order to level up with goalkeeping capabilities that have been exhibited in the 2017 season.

The former national team goalie noted that the country was steadily producing a number of exceptional goalkeepers but was lacking on effortless scorers at both national team and club level.

In an interview with Goal Diggers! Kakonje who played for TP Mazembe from 2010 to 2012 highlighted the purpose that the balance of good goalkeepers and capable strikers would serve for the national team and clubs.

“Just like any other sports that is played as a team, footballers also depend on each other. Strikers for example know that their defenders are more capable of defending than scoring and vice versa. This applies to goalkeepers too. If your goalkeeper is making great saves every now and then and his strikers are making the least expected misses, then there is a problem. There should be a balance so that the keeper stays in high spirit,” Kakonje advised.

“Super league clubs have very good goalkeepers but always struggle to score goals. This has an effect on the national team because the squad is made up from the same clubs whose players struggle to score. It would be very helpful to determine why we struggle to score goals. Imagine having six chances as a striker and only utilising one,” wondered Kakonje.