IT HAS often been said that women are more supportive to their parents than men. That’s where I draw the screaming headline for today. It appears men are so horrible at some important matters when they are needed most, except when it comes to football hooliganism or political rivalry!

There are more men prisoners than there are women, even when women beat us 3 to 1. In politics more men are voted into office than women, but still our politics are a sham! So you see that my headline isn’t far from the truth. Another example: a woman would immediately abandon everything to attend to a sick relative while a man would be tying his shoe laces, hoping it would not rain.

I actually witnessed this subject that women are more caring to parents than us men when one lady had her father taken ill in hospital. When the old man was out of the care of nurses and came home at the woman’s place, her sisters literally came to camp at her home. Her brothers and other male relatives came once, maybe twice. I’m sure this experience is not peculiar to me alone because we have heard so many stories of this kind. Can you imagine a funeral without women? That would be plain comedy. Women set the tempo for mourning. Men go to a funeral house to take firewood, erect a tent and then start talking about football and politics. Like a man who held a party at his posh home but decided to keep his lame dad at the backyard. Stories of this kind. If you’re a man reading this and my topic pinches you, or if you find me wanting, please find time to react to this article and see if we can mend fences.

But I know that we all men have experienced those moments when our sisters or other female relatives have beaten us at our own game. Today more grandmothers look after orphaned children than do grandparents. There are more ladies that take care of their nephews and nieces than men who do that.

Perhaps let’s ask why. While scientific research cannot pinpoint whether women care more than men, facts on the ground show that females are more emotionally attached, empathetic, nurturing, sensitive and care oriented. Men, on the other hand, may be breadwinners, but nonetheless egocentric and awkward at showing care, though they may take risks when it suits them. Who started the war in Ukraine? Women or men? Who robs banks? Who rigs elections? If you know the answer to these questions, then you know what I’m talking about.

You see men; we are horrible because we want to maintain tradition gender roles that have shaped us from birth. We have allowed archaic traditions and stereotypical thinking to guide us even when the world has evolved.For example we have all bought into the story that Eve was the one tempted by the snake and gave the forbidden fruit to the man to eat. We all believe that if one woman is a witch then she’s worse than three wizards. If children at home are not behaving well then the mother is allowing it. If a couple do not have children then the problem is with the woman. There are many ‘ifs,’ if you like. But tell me, where was Adam when the serpent came to trick his wife? Why didn’t he go find the damn snake and crush its head? Well, know what?All these old stories and fables have survived because men are horrible.

Well then what shall we say to these things? I think we better just say keep it up ladies, you have beaten us at our own game.

So folks, I know what I’m talking about. But you are probably saying ‘Ok, why not provide the solution.’ That’s part of the problem. I’m a man and I don’t seem to have the solutions. Answers, I fear, need to come from women.

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