Dear Editor,

I was shocked to read about Davy Chiyobe the President of the Civil Servants and Allied Workers Union of Zambia (CSAWUZ) condemning government’s action to fire the Teachers with fake qualifications in the 58th edition of your e-newspaper.

As a leader of a public service union, Davy should be the first one to condemn fraud and criminality and to jealously guard and defend the integrity of the civil service especially the teaching profession. The fact that these fraudsters obtained higher qualifications after forging grade 12 qualifications does not make them erase the crime they earlier committed. If further probed, we may find that they also forged those higher qualifications. In fact those degrees obtained in that manner must also be nullified. This is criminality and obtaining money by false pretence!

Davy also brings in the issue of “statutory barred”. Well, this is neither here nor there. As the Bembas say, “umulandu taubola”, a crime does not expire at all. It remains a crime even when a criminal dies he can still be prosecuted posthumously. While it is regrettable that innocent family members will suffer as a result of the loss of a regular income by their breadwinners, these fraudsters should have known the consequences of their actions.

It appears that this Davy Chiyobe is an accomplice in this crime of forging qualifications. He must also be probed as he may also be a recipient of the Matero certificates. I also urge the union members to impeach him for supporting fraud and bringing the civil service into disrepute.