Musician CQ Muzukulu is set to release his debut film titled “Piyo” in which he is featuring renowned Nigerian actor Jim Iyke.

Iyke is the star behind Nollywood blockbuster movies such as “Super player”, “Mad Love” and “Faces of Love” among other hits on his catalogue.

CQ started singing and acting almost at the same time back in the days, but it was his singing talent which got him into the spotlight from the Church choir.

But he feels it is now time for his other hidden talent to blossom.

“My first appearance as an actor on a commercial basis was in the last series of “Kabanana”. [Although people don’t seem to notice], acting has always been my passion because it is an elevation. I believe in the movie industry. There is more to explore there and it is easier to get recognised when you work with big and famous actors like Jim Iyke who is already well established on the international market. My vision is to become an international actor and musician, CQ whose real names are Chansa Chisenga, told News Diggers! in an interview.

The movie “Piyo” depicts the lifestyle of a musician and the challenges they face to attain stardom.

“Piyo is simply a life transformation movie because it shows all the challenges that the public have to know that artists undergo not only when they are doing well but also those who are struggling,” he said.

“I am aiming to releasing more movies in the years to come, and ultimately, my dream is to one day feature in a Hollywood movie. It is still far-fetched, but I wouldn’t be surprised finding myself acting with Professional Hollywood actors such as Jessy Washington because those are the actors I just dream of working with.”

CQ said the movie will be broadcast all over Africa on channels such as Zambezi Magic and all the local television channels in Zambia.

“The launch of the movie is coming up very soon, most likely around November. But I won’t stop the music business. I will continue juggling the two because when an artist is shooting a music video some acting needs to be done, without good skills of acting the music video will be pathetic. So that’s the plan,” said CQ.

“I have nothing to prove to the Zambian people because I have already made a name in the music industry. I did my research and come up with some decisions that one can never go wrong with the movie industry because even if you are old you can still act and make it unlike music which limits you when you reach a certain age.”