A 59-year-old man of Chipili district is seeking refuge in Mansa after an angry mob led by his two younger brothers descended on him and demolished his house for suspected witchcraft.

Darius Chungu Mwenda fled from his home in Chipili after his brothers suspected him to have bewitched Chieftainess Mwenda who is also his mother.

Mwenda complained to News Diggers that the attack on him by his relatives who are close to PF secretary General Davies Mwila, was politically motivated because last year he supported an independent candidate who scooped the Chipili parliamentary seat.

He said his two younger brothers had called a witch doctor to remove suspected charms from his house which he refused.

He said after refusing, the brothers went and brought with them a mob which burnt and demolished his six roomed house.

“They suspected me of witchcraft and accused me of having bewitched Chieftainess Mwenda. Then they took me to a witch doctor but I didn’t agree, even today I still don’t agree. After that, the witchdoctor came and wanted to remove some charms in my house, we asked him for a permit but he instead produced a book which he gave to me to signed so that he can enter my house to remove charms. We refused to sign in that book. So that is how they went back and brought a lot of people, over 3 000 people. There was chaos. It started at 14:00 hours up to 18: 00 hrs. unfortunately we reported to police last Sunday and the police told us that they didn’t have transport and asked us to go back home. They only gave us a number on which to call them in case anything else happens,” Mwenda explained.

“We then tried to call those numbers which the police gave us but there was no response until all the children who were supporting me got tired and left me alone. So I also left and they got in the house and demolished my entire six roomed house and burnt it. That is how we ran away and scattered. The police came around between 19:00 hours and 20:00 hours and got two victims, the chief retainer and my two brothers. They took them and locked them in police cells until the following day when they released them.”

he said there was political motivation in his harassment.

“I know it’s politically motivated because I supported Jewis Chabi. Because the police are not doing anything about these people who attacked me. Instead they are asking me to reconcile with them. Now I wonder what interest the police have on this case, because I want the matter to be taken to court. I am their elder brother and I am 59 years. The said Chieftainess is my mother. Our mother has been sick for quiet some time. She has been moved from one hospital to another and my brothers suspect that I am behind her sickness,” said Mwenda.

“I left home after all what happened to me. Right now am just suffering in Mansa with my wife and children. Even if you want to tame someone for suspected witchcraft, you can’t do that to your fellow human being. That is why I suspect its politically motivated because I simply supported Chabi who won the parliamentary seat in last year’s election on an independent ticket. Them they wanted Mwila of PF. That is what really hurt them so much.”