Sun Share Tower last weekend hosted a magnificent Pent House Party, which attracted all kinds of Lusaka revellers.

It was a lively celebration full of music, food and fun for hundreds of patrons who thronged the high-end property for the first ever public Pent House Party hosted in the Capital City, thanks to PR Girl Media.

The modern corporate building that stands tall at a height of 58 metres on Katimamulilo Road adjacent to Radisson Blu Hotel was turned into a temporary high-class club for the night by Lusaka’s socialites, celebrity and corporate personalities.

Over 500 people showed up, causing a scene full of stylishly dressed divas in black and gold.

The luxurious event was embellished by appearances of naughty Iris Kaingu, rapper Macky 2, DJ El Mukuka and rapper Cleo Ice Queen.

DJs such as Gesh Groove, El Mukuka,V Jeezy and Sensational Violinist Caitlin De Ville kept the guests up and grooving the whole night long.

The event started with a reception on the first floor in a nine-metre-high lobby with networking and the crowd was later ushered to the top floor for the main show.